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Training in Brazil

Martial Arts & Fitness

Carl has 20+ years of experience including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing), Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Strength & Conditioning. Starting his training in California at the age of 5, Carl is now based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout his journey, he has traveled and trained in gyms all over the world including Thailand and Brazil. 

Carl is also the founder of Ten Braves, a ninja-inspired brand dedicated to the martial arts lifestyle. 

Boxing/Kickboxing Personal Trainer

Carl provides personal training programs for beginner to advanced-level men, women & children. Taking a scientific approach to technique, weight loss and performance, he enjoys watching people grow and achieve their goals.

Train Like A Fighter

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An authentic boxing and kickboxing experience adapted to meet the needs of the individual. Sessions feature a blend of high intensity interval training circuits and boxing/kickboxing workouts. Hand wraps and gloves are available to borrow.

What to expect?

Sessions are adapted to your specific needs, but here are some typical components:

  • Shadow Boxing
  • Dynamic Mobility Drills / Warm ups
  • Technique
  • Pad/Mitt/Kick Shield work (punching and kicking foam pads, as I call out various combinations and drills)
  • HIIT Circuit Training (i.e., battle rope, agility ladder, cone / hurdle drills, etc.)


  • Lose up to 800 calories per session
  • Learn authentic technique and self-defense
  • Full Body Workout
  • Promote Mental Health through Focus
  • Develop Reflexes & Timing