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Jam Master Jameson’s Golden Era 2nd Birthday Hip Hop House Party

We went all out for this one. See details below.

  • Custom HBD JMJ logo
  • Hip Hop Flyer Party Invitation
  • Custom HBD JMJ Tee Shirt
  • Custom Feed Fat Joe Game
  • Custom Pin The Needle On The Record Game
  • Custom Yo MTV Raps Microphone Flag with Hip Hop Karaoke Playlist
  • Freeze Dance
  • Hip Hop Giveaways
  • Mixtape Chocolate Bars
  • Custom Turntable Cake and Microphone Cake Pops
  • Photo Booth
  • Custom Toddler Chronicles (inspired by the Chronic album) and Ready to Potty Train (inspired by the Ready to Die album) album cover prints

Watch the party unfold in the video below.

Jam Master Jay’s Rap Video

The Party

Photo Booth