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So I hadn’t updated y’all in a while on the home gym. As a recap:

Step 1 was to a punching bag/speed bag combo.

Step 2 was purchase of dumbbells, kettlebells and rack.

Step 3 was adding Zebra Mats.

After that, step 4 was to put up wall art. This step was placed on hold, but I did end up putting up the Ten Braves logo.

As a bonus, step 5 included addition of another mat, graciously received for free as a giveaway from Cobra Kai.

Additional items that did not fit in the same room was an elliptical and a few other small items. Moving forward, there are little items I plan to add slowly, but surely (i.e., more weights, battle ropes, hopefully a squat rack and bar, etc.).

Also on the wish list are adding mirrors. For now, I’m satisfied.