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Step 1 was to pick up some striking equipment.

Step 2 for creating my garage gym was the purchase of a Gold’s Gym dumbbell set, kettlebells and rack.

Step 3 is one of the first things I wanted to buy, but is at the moment the most expensive investment. I waited patiently to find the right dea and finally got it…


Zebra Home Roll-Out Mats will run you $199 a pop. That’s a 5 x 10′ mat. My goal was to have at least a 10x10′ mat space to get any sort of decent roll. Hoping to get more eventually, as I believe you would run out of space easily. That said, a minimum 10x10’ space will run upwards of $400.

Fortunately, I found two black mats from my good, old friend, Craigslist. Spent a total of $200 for both, cutting the cost in half. The mats are convenient, as they can roll to the side of the garage so we can park inside, and roll out when it’s time get a session in. Check it out!