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We had barricades for four stores, more than 130 ft worth of graphics, installed at Denver International Airport. Three of the stores were all side-by-side, so it was nice to have a long row of graphics. The fourth store was elsewhere.

For those that are unaware, retail barricade graphics are images and information applied to the outside surface of a temporary construction wall or barricade. It is an opportunity to transform empty spaces into extraordinary displays that can be looked at as powerful tools of communication.

Barricade Design Process

Usually, we start with architectural elevations.


Given the dimensions, we create our designs. When completing all three, we lay them side-by-side to get a good overview to see how they flow together.


When all is said and done, here’s how this project came out. Check out the photos below (sorry they are not the most high res images… since this is out-of-state, I couldn’t take high quality images myself and had to depend on who ever could take photos).


Unfortunately, the first set of doors were incorrect on the elevation drawings, and the design did not lay out exactly how it was originally intended.  The measurements must have been incorrect. Still, it’s nice to see the artwork come to life.

Here is the artwork for the fourth store.

Capture3 20151001_105832