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The new Ten Braves Darkside Rebel Force Jiu Jitsu gi has arrived just in time for the release of the Star Wars Force Awakens movie.

A unique grey design, accented with black stitching, very few external designs, but a sleek Star Wars-inspired inner lining.  On the outside, the average Joe couldn’t identify the theme. Only two small woven labels, one on the bottom of the jacket and one at the top of the pants, hint the Galactic Empire to the hardcore fans. To the casual looker, it’s just a smooth, clean grey kimono.  It’s what’s in the inside that counts. Jiujiteros can tap into their inner most Darkside, the hunger for war.


I’m excited to see this design on the market. Is it geeky?

Yes, it can be.

But so can Jiu Jitsu. There are tons of Jits nerds out there. Straight up fan boys. It easily goes hand in hand. Geek out on the mats with this sick get up.

Check it out in the store, and share it with your friends!